Blooms of Wonder is my first book and began from photos in the spring and then poetry that evolved over three years and, at the end, mostly focused on inspirations from the flowers and also leaves, I hope, spaciousness for what the reader was inspired to think and feel.  All the photos are from my parents’ yard where I grew up, in Indianapolis.  I currently continue to live in Indianapolis, now in my own home with my husband Aaron, son Joey, and our cat Bosko.

I’ve been committed in multiple ways through the years to peace and love and community and care, including self-care.  I spent more  than five years volunteering as State Coordinator for INDOP (a community peace group connected with The Peace Alliance).  Now I am excited about my coaching through Whole Loving Wellness, honing my daily life into more joy and love, my creative consulting and current artistic projects and the possibilities of new ones.  For me, written and artistic projects are part of an intention to bring more love and care and joy into the world for myself and for others.

About the sharing and evolution of Blooms of Wonder…more at “Archives” page:


Books and notecards continue to be enjoyed!  Very grateful to have made my first book and been able to share it with many.


Winter notecards developed and an additional image added to each legacy set of notecards.  Second printing of the book also printed.


In addition to selling and sharing my book with individuals I have met or who are introduced to me by those I know, I also was able to share my book and photos in June at the Indy Holistic Hub Wellbeing fest where I also shared about my wellness work ( for more info).


2015 saw me focusing mostly on my wellness work.  A highlight of the year for my photos was when I was part of a show at the Jewish Community Center in Indianapolis from staff and members (I worked in the older infants room that year).  My Daisy and Coneflower with Bumblebee were available and a copy of my Daisy photograph, enlarged, was purchased.  So, I’m happy its watery, sunny, pattern and all that those who purchased and see it envision when they look at it are being enjoyed!

Recapping Spring and Summer of 2014

In March and April I was the featured artist and author with blossoms welcoming the Spring at The Playful Soul at 6516 Ferguson Street in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.  On Saturday March 22nd, there was a book-signing and celebration with my photographs and Michelle Qureshi’s music and lots of enjoyable talking and welcoming in Spring together.  A bit more about the event was posted on 3-30 here.


The first book reading of Blooms of Wonder (self-published December 2012) was Spring 2013–a great experience in a welcoming, beautiful space at The Venue in Bloomington, with crocuses and snowdrops outside!  Throughout 2013, I shared my book and related work with individuals and in stores, having created notecards from the book as well.

In September, I shared the book and the process of creating the book with a group that a dear friend is part of and was able to show prints and notecard-samples.  It was a joy to share about the book in such a welcoming space and I also got some generous ideas for sharing my book more in Indianapolis!  During October, my prints were featured as rotating wall art at Henry’s Coffee Bistro on East Street in Indianapolis.  And, stores began to carry my book throughout the year, and, towards year’s end, my cards and prints as well.

Blooms 2012

2012 saw the book be self-published and make its way into the world.  Click on the tab “Sample Image and Poem from Blooms” to see a tidbit of what’s in the book.  I had worked on the book in various stages for at least two years.

Sending you love as you read this and hoping we might be in touch!

–Kathryn Ellen


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