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Thanks to everyone who was able to come last Saturday, March 22nd, to The Playful Soul in Broad Ripple in Indianapolis and to Vicki Mack and all at the Playful Soul for making it possible.

It was such a joy for me to share my photographs and book and read a bit from Blooms of Wonder for friends, family, and those whom I met for the first time on Saturday!  I took part in light, celebratory, and sometiems serious conversations and loved that these were going on all around me, including smiles and laughter and joys at the blossoms on the walls.  Michelle Qureshi played lovely music with surprising, unique, lively, and soothing sounds I heard!

I know more photos will be coming in about the event, including probably more on facebook, but I did want to share a few for those who weren’t there as well as for the memories of those of us who were there.  Also, the photographs are still on display at The Playful Soul through part of April, so if you would like to see them, give them a call at 317.253.0499 to be sure the photographs are still there, or, if you’re up for the visit in any case–there are lovely things to see there and such an inviting, cozy atmosphere I feel, including the open gallery room and a room with a fireplace–stop by 6516 N. Ferguson.

Pic of Kathryn & Maria at Playful Soul--Mark Dickhaus Pic of Kathryn at Playful Soul--Mark Dickhaus Pic of Michelle at Playful Soul--Mark Dickhaus

Kathryn Hessler & friend Maria Collins talk and look at Blooms of Wonder
Michelle Qureshi with her welcoming music with Kathryn’s photos in the background

All three photos taken by photographer Mark Dickhaus.  Thanks, Mark!



So, I couldn’t resist a posting saying “hooray” for the first crocuses I’ve seen of spring….seen yesterday.  I saw the first in Nashville, Indiana where I was talking with shop-owners about Blooms of Wonder, the notecards, and the prints.  And then, I got back to Indianapolis and went to my parents’ house where all the photos in Blooms of Wonder were taken and, talking with them, I found out that there was one crocus in the yard too!

I look forward to seeing those of you who can come tomorrow, Saturday, to the Playful Soul Artists Reception and Book Signing and sharing with everyone soon after the event.
Here are the pictures I took for you to take them in…in that brown dirt that’s just getting greens and new life to join it!  I also celebrate with you any flowers you are seeing, smelling, touching, and ones that are about to show up as well!!!


(Nashville, IN crocus on March 20th…………………..Indianapolis, IN crocus on March 20th!)

P1330181  P1330191


This Saturday, March 22nd, will be the Artist Reception and Book Signing I will be part of welcoming in the Spring at The Playful Soul! Prints of my photographs are on display for enjoyment and purchase there all month of March.  Most feature close-up flowers with occasional surprise exceptions.  Blooms of Wonder books and notecards of pictures from the book are also available.

   On Saturday the 22nd, Michelle Qureshi will begin the event at 2 p.m. with live music. I will be doing a book-signing and reading from 3-3:30.  There will be snacks throughout the time and I’m happy to sign books after 3:30, of course.  I will have some additional prints with me especially for Saturday of images different from those on display throughout the month.  I would so love to talk with anyone who can come any time up until the event ends at about 5 p.m.
    This is my second book reading and I am thrilled! and the timing seems lovely as we await the flowers coming up outside to be able to enjoy and celebrate together flowers inside.  Perhaps we will even be able to share having seen an outside re-blooming flower.  I know I’m still awaiting those crocuses and their early companions.
  Will post an update after Saturday :).

Celebrating the lush green!


Returning to the city,
Leaving tents,
Weekend woods-living behind.
Celebrating the river-city.
River otters, carrying leaves,
Ducks with ducklings in golden-yellow,
And other duckling surprises-to-me in black,
Other ducks in white, and Geese and goslings.

Biking along with the wind and sun,
A late-blooming tree in white blossoms
Beside the water.

Grateful for summer, life, and love.

DaffodilBlooms of Wonder Book Reading

Kathryn Ellen Hessler will read from and
share inspirations behind the book
at The Venue in Bloomington at 114 S. Grant St
on Tues, March 12th beginning at 5:30 p.m.
(Books available for purchase and signing)

Picture and poem on page 1:

A single crocus

Softly curves concrete.

Lets us see the spring.

This book features photographs of flowers from the yard where I, Kathryn, grew up
and poems that were inspired by the flowers.
Take this chance to be awed, soothed, excited by flowers in Indianapolis.

It is a great gift for nature-lovers, those who enjoy poetry, and who want ease, celebration, or encouragement or to consider ideas shared about living and life.
And it can inspire other creative and contemplative ideas.

Books are generally $12.95 plus sales tax, though deals may be available. If you order directly from me, shipping is currently free. The book is about 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 in size, in paperback, and is 40 pages in length.

In Indianapolis, Good Earth in Broad Ripple and
IndyReads Books downtown are carrying the Book.

In Bloomington, The Venue, Thrive, Athena, and
Patricia’s Wellness Cafe have books for sale.

Please e-mail for more information or to share your ideas about how to get the word out. Also, please pass along this information and this website (flyers also available). Thanks!

Blooms of Wonder is available for purchase on December 4th, 2012! I am EXCITED!!  Please contact to order your copies.

This book features photographs of flowers from the yard in Indianapolis where I grew up and poems that were inspired by the flowers.

It is a great gift, including a good December book, for those who enjoy nature or whom you would like to share nature and simply beauty and wonder with.  Including in a time where nature seems “quieter” than it does in Spring.

It also is a chance for people to be inspired and soothed and awed.  And to bring their own juices for photography, writing, gardening, or some other creative inspiration.  And it’s something you can give to yourself as well!  There will be copies at some local stores in Indiana.  And I hope to have copies available at some libraries, which you can read there.

Here is the photograph and accompanying poem that begins the book, in spring:

A single crocus

Softly curves concrete.

Lets us see the spring.

Books are generally $12.95 plus sales tax, though deals may be available.  Shipping options exist, and stores and book-events will have the book available particularly in Indianapolis and Bloomington, IN–some still this December.

Please e-mail me at for more information, including if you would like to see sample pages.

Update-update, everybody get your updates about Blooms of Wonder here!


Some time in the approximately month-long window between October 20th and November 20th, Blooms of Wonder will be self-published and available for purchase!
There will also be at least one book-signing/celebration scheduled around this time and very likely more than one yet this year!
Keep an eye out here for another update coming soon to this blog near you!

Thanks for the support (and patience!) of so many people in this process….”book-fruition” is coming soon!


Hi all!,

I am now announcing that (duh-duh-duh!) Blooms of Wonder is a book!  Specifically a book that I am creating and will soon be self-publishing of flower photos (hence the photos on the May post).  I had honestly thought that the book would be completed and in my hands by now, but have received so much wonderful feedback about the book that I decided to wait and made a number of changes.  Now I am awaiting a few more changes and “polishings,” but in two or three months, I fully expect to have a new, better (shorter and more concise!) version in-print and available.  So, if you are interested in seeing a page or two in draft-form ahead of time, e-mail me at and, once the book is done-done, I will also post a few pages here for people to see.
Hope you will consider purchasing a copy or reading one somewhere (perhaps at a local library, at least here in Indianapolis!), and, whether you do or don’t, that you will find some inspirations from the posts to come here and conversations that will be inspired by Blooms of Wonder.

Loving care,
Kathryn Ellen

Hi folks,

Want to welcome you (ahead of time) to this website.  Will leave anyone reading this in “suspense” for now about this site, but want to welcome you and encourage you if you’re curious what this is about to visit back soon.  In the next two weeks or so updates will be coming!  Visit the two pages for a wee bit more about me and reach me by e-mail at

Loving care and all the best to all of you!,
Kathryn Ellen

A preview/hint–here is a picture of our weeping cherry tree:

Daylilly with an insect my friend and I have called Herald.
We are not sure which type of insect Herald is, so please let
me know if you do! :).