Thanks to everyone who was able to come last Saturday, March 22nd, to The Playful Soul in Broad Ripple in Indianapolis and to Vicki Mack and all at the Playful Soul for making it possible.

It was such a joy for me to share my photographs and book and read a bit from Blooms of Wonder for friends, family, and those whom I met for the first time on Saturday!  I took part in light, celebratory, and sometiems serious conversations and loved that these were going on all around me, including smiles and laughter and joys at the blossoms on the walls.  Michelle Qureshi played lovely music with surprising, unique, lively, and soothing sounds I heard!

I know more photos will be coming in about the event, including probably more on facebook, but I did want to share a few for those who weren’t there as well as for the memories of those of us who were there.  Also, the photographs are still on display at The Playful Soul through part of April, so if you would like to see them, give them a call at 317.253.0499 to be sure the photographs are still there, or, if you’re up for the visit in any case–there are lovely things to see there and such an inviting, cozy atmosphere I feel, including the open gallery room and a room with a fireplace–stop by 6516 N. Ferguson.

Pic of Kathryn & Maria at Playful Soul--Mark Dickhaus Pic of Kathryn at Playful Soul--Mark Dickhaus Pic of Michelle at Playful Soul--Mark Dickhaus

Kathryn Hessler & friend Maria Collins talk and look at Blooms of Wonder
Michelle Qureshi with her welcoming music with Kathryn’s photos in the background

All three photos taken by photographer Mark Dickhaus.  Thanks, Mark!