Monthly Archives: November 2012

Blooms of Wonder is available for purchase on December 4th, 2012! I am EXCITED!!  Please contact to order your copies.

This book features photographs of flowers from the yard in Indianapolis where I grew up and poems that were inspired by the flowers.

It is a great gift, including a good December book, for those who enjoy nature or whom you would like to share nature and simply beauty and wonder with.  Including in a time where nature seems “quieter” than it does in Spring.

It also is a chance for people to be inspired and soothed and awed.  And to bring their own juices for photography, writing, gardening, or some other creative inspiration.  And it’s something you can give to yourself as well!  There will be copies at some local stores in Indiana.  And I hope to have copies available at some libraries, which you can read there.

Here is the photograph and accompanying poem that begins the book, in spring:

A single crocus

Softly curves concrete.

Lets us see the spring.

Books are generally $12.95 plus sales tax, though deals may be available.  Shipping options exist, and stores and book-events will have the book available particularly in Indianapolis and Bloomington, IN–some still this December.

Please e-mail me at for more information, including if you would like to see sample pages.