Hi all!,

I am now announcing that (duh-duh-duh!) Blooms of Wonder is a book!  Specifically a book that I am creating and will soon be self-publishing of flower photos (hence the photos on the May post).  I had honestly thought that the book would be completed and in my hands by now, but have received so much wonderful feedback about the book that I decided to wait and made a number of changes.  Now I am awaiting a few more changes and “polishings,” but in two or three months, I fully expect to have a new, better (shorter and more concise!) version in-print and available.  So, if you are interested in seeing a page or two in draft-form ahead of time, e-mail me at KathrynEllen@bloomsofwonder.com and, once the book is done-done, I will also post a few pages here for people to see.
Hope you will consider purchasing a copy or reading one somewhere (perhaps at a local library, at least here in Indianapolis!), and, whether you do or don’t, that you will find some inspirations from the posts to come here and conversations that will be inspired by Blooms of Wonder.

Loving care,
Kathryn Ellen